Zilla Shilpakala Academy: An institution that teaches arts and culture of Bangladesh

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The Shilpakala academy, located at MM Ali Road in Chittagong is well known by Chittagonians mostly for its various programs staged on national events. It celebrates almost all functions, ranging from simple stage plays to celebrating gorgeously the Bangla New Year. It is called the Zilla Shilpakala academy because it has been teaching the arts and culture of Bangladesh since years in Chittagong. It is very near from my home- only 5 minutes ride by rickshaw. I had always been a vigilant audience of most of the functions held here. So, I thought it would be the best cultural organization that I would be keen to network with. I chose to visit there on Friday, because I know that classes on teaching culture are normally held on Friday. I was really surprised to see so many students engrossed in learning the arts and culture of Bangladesh. Students of different ages were learning music, dance, poetry recitation, painting and also drama. On almost all Fridays, a function based on any performing arts is staged in the auditorium. There is a gallery building too in the academy premises, where paintings of renowned artists from all over Bangladesh, or even from abroad are displayed, and are left open for visitors. For all these never-ending enthusiasm for teaching as well as displaying the arts and culture of Bangladesh, I am truly grateful to the Zilla Shilpakala Academy.

Aanika Sarwath

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